What to do if you find an injured raptor.

Call (602) 549-8482

Generally raptors will not let you approach them unless they are sick or injured. Raptors are birds of prey and have sharp talons and powerful breaks used for hunting and to protect themselves. Even baby or juvenile raptors posses these features. For this reason the Arizona Raptor Center recommends you contact us instead of trying to capture, handle, or care for a raptor yourself.

If you feel the raptor is in immediate danger and needs to be moved for its own protection, the following precautions should be taken:

  • Wear thick leather gloves such as welding gloves
  • Gently throw a towel over the raptor
  • Be aware of the location of their talons at all times
  • Carefully move the raptor to a closed box or dog kennel
  • Keep in a dark, room temperature spot
  • Do not offer food or water
  • Contact Arizona Raptor Center

The Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918 is a federal law that protects raptors. It is illegal to keep raptors without proper permits. In the raptor’s best interest, please contact Arizona Raptor Center immediately; the sooner the raptor receives medical care, the better the chances of successful release.